The 10 is the smallest land size, but you can call it your own. This comes with all the opportunities to start your metaverse journey.
The 15 is just comfortable enough to set up a nice store and customize at will. It has a bit more social space with the potential for larger get-togethers.
The 25 gives you more space to engage your audience. Entertain and start building your brand.
The 50 is perfect for freelance content creators and community organizers to help build and sustain their momentum.
The Hunny (100) has plenty of room for a small mansion, an outdoor area, a sizable store, and a small amphitheater.
The 150 offers amazing features for larger audiences. Perfect for medium-size influencers who want to host private events or anyone trying to have a strong landmark in web3.
The 200 is the start of the larger-sized worlds where you can set up lavish landscapes with direct support from the platform.
The largest of land sizes, the 300 allows you to dream big and provides you with everything you would need to build your world with direct support from the platform. Make your presence known in the metaverse!