Each phase release will be similar to a batch of blocks in the bitcoin blockchain which users can purchase thereby participating in building and expanding the network.
The system is deflationary by design and over time, the value of metaverse ownership will increase as adoption increases. Just like the internet: initially, it wasn’t critical to be online. Now, if you built a website that is monetized, it has tremendous value.
Since the metaverse is set to be the replacement of the internet, it should be not only infinite but somehow accessible to all of humanity.
Scarcity and value will be driven by NFT Technology at first, but we believe the creators and communities building the virtual worlds will be the ones defining the opportunities and value to be created and consumed within the various metaverses.
In any existing social platform: Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, Clubhouse: The platform is open for all to create as many accounts as they may want, but the value of each page is based on the actions of that particular owner.
The metaverse shall be the same.
A limited supply of assets at any given time (such as parcel availability, or accessories) will inherently define different values for assets. But most importantly, it is the metaverse operators, owners, and content creators which will make a particular metaverse more valuable than another.
Creativity will be the real currency. Join us and become a citizen today.
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