Anyone can become a citizen of Ozone Metaverse and freely travel through the various worlds.
Register for free citizenship and the opportunity to buy a land parcel at -https://ozonemetaverse.io.
After email confirmation, you become a registered citizen and access the Ozone Metaverse District Zero. This will be the community home base until the launch.
After fulfilling registration requirements, which include accepting and adhering to the membership T&C’s, every member gets free citizen status.
Once a Citizen, if you buy a land parcel in one of the districts you will get:
Ownership of a parcel as an NFT with immutable ownership record on the blockchain.
A personally registered virtual metaverse as a unique web URL https://ozonemetaverse.io/metaverse/youruniquename
The metaverse property will be extensible and customizable by the user in several ways to be described further in this paper and subsequent documentation.
Each metaverse will enable each owner to host events and meetings as well as customize his/her environment thanks to the customization tools enabled.
Opportunity to join the Dao when made available and participate in the governance of the metaverse
Opportunity to access to the full features, functionalities, and admin controls/ dashboards exclusive to land owners.