Play, watch, and earn together! Gamble, Videos, and Play Zones await...
The earlier someone buys a parcel, the more benefits they will have, a better chance to build sooner, have access to other limited accessories and opportunities sooner, and establish their parcel (or ZONE) as a known destination in the metaverse.
The metaverse ownership will be recorded on the blockchain using NFT technology. The available
metaverses will always be limited in availability and dropped (made available) via a release schedule hard coded on a smart contract.
As the metaverse gets adopted and developed (just like The Internet, or Bitcoin), the intrinsic value will go up, for others to join, for brands to participate with more users and a more vibrant economy.
This is where the Tokenomics logic really intervenes. The scarcity of the land (especially certain parcel types) combined with how each owner may develop and market their parcel to generate traffic and business revenues could push those parcel values very high.