The Ozone Metaverse will begin to be introduced and sold in separate districts. Each district is divided into a number of Land Parcels, which are described in more detail later.
The districts are computer generated via proprietary algorithms that make each District, and the Land Parcels within it, truly unique one-of-a-kind algorithmically-generated spaces.
Ozone is developing a number of launch Districts in collaboration with strategic partners. Each will consist of a set amount of varied Land Parcels that will be revealed and dropped into our marketplace through summer 2022. and made available for the community to purchase.
Each launch District will have its own theme and style, and will initially be administered by the Ozone Metaverse DAO. Over time each one of these Districts can evolve to become a vibrant decentralized community, self-organized and sovereign.
Beyond the launch Districts, new Districts will be created via Proposals, and will be fully designed, managed and run by their respective independent communities via DAOs. For those communities that do not yet have a functional DAO, Ozone are introducing a DAO-as-a-service function, which will enable users to set up and manage a fully functional and properly governed DAO in just a few clicks.
The communities that manage Districts can submit additional proposals to build custom integrations and technologies in their respective Districts. Stay tuned as we reveal the details of each launch District – and our launch partners - over the coming months.