Marketplace & accessories

Soon after the initial Land Parcel drops, the Ozone Marketplace will go live and roll out Accessories. These are additional items – also NFTs – that anyone can buy using the $OZONE token, though only Land owners will be able to make full use of them.
The marketplace enables users to bring NFTs to life, explore worlds in augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR), mint NFTs for any type of assets, including social tokens which will provide access and specific governance mechanisms throughout the metaverse.
Get an NFT vehicle, new avatar, digital fashion, pet, or mansion for your virtual world. And this is just the start.
To enable ownership records, social belonging, access, and the activation of a new marketplace where all citizens of the metaverse will be able to create, buy, sell and trade digital assets recorded on the blockchain using NFT’s.
Last modified 7mo ago