Ozone Foundation Fund
The Ozone Foundation Fund, operated by the Ozone Metaverse DAO will provide support for District development in the form of grants - for example:
  • Fiat Grants - Ozone provides the District with funds to help build the District, design custom environments and Land Parcels and so on
  • Token Grants - $OZONE committed to stake in their planning application which can be realized when the terms of the grant have been met
These grants are designed to enrich the environments created within each new District. The Ozone DAO will agree the value and how it is spent based on each Proposal.
This allows Districts to create new unique aspects such as artwork, landscapes, social buildings like Town Halls, games etc.
So a company that pays tax for a metaverse can bid to have that tax spent on their District (perhaps alongside another proposal to commit more resources to the District) The point being that this fund should be used in a way that contributes to Ozone health.
The DAO locks in an equal amount of tokens for a set period of time. If at the end of that period of time the visitor numbers have been achieved then The DAO gives the tokens to the District. (As the District has had a positive effect on Ozone) If the visitor numbers have not been met (negative effect for Ozone) then the DAO’s tokens are returned and the District proposer tokens are burnt.
Districts may have their own token exchangeable in Ozone for $OZONE
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