Proposal Formats
Proposals will be submitted via the Proposals section of the Ozone Metaverse dapp, which will automatically create a page to showcase the proposal to the community.
  • Company X or DAO X
  • # tokens staked ($OZONE and their own token $XXX)
  • Period of time staked
  • Requested District size (e.g.1 district with 100 parcels of 30m x 30m)
  • The District plan and theme (show design mockups, how much parkland, rivers, houses, brothels whatever!)
  • Time to build the District (How many devs working on it, time to deliver etc)
  • Number of parcels pre-sold, completion dates for parcels
  • Royalty rate on parcels sold
  • Ongoing tax rate to cover Ozone Metaverse operational infrastructure
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