Token Utility
$OZONE has a number of key features. The primary utility of the token is:
  • For use as a currency, to purchase Land Parcels, accessories and other assets in the Ozone Marketplace
  • It can be staked, on its own or alongside Land you own in order to receive yield and other rewards, and to develop a Land Parcel’s features
  • Users who wish to rent or lease their Land Parcels (or parts of them) to others can receive payments in $OZONE
  • It is the method by which tax payments are made to Districts in order to maintain a Land Parcel
  • It has some governance functions relating to Districts and Land Parcels (which are described below in the next section)
  • Staking the token will also unlock new design capabilities and features in Ozone Studio, enabling users to create ever more advanced spaces and experiences
Over time, the Ozone Metaverse platform will also support other cryptocurrencies and payment methods, such as Ethereum, Solana and others.
Last modified 2mo ago
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