✳️Engine and infrastructure

O3 Graphics Engine + Deployment infrastructure

The O3 Engine is the highest performing 3D graphics engine for the web to date.

Built from the ground up to enable AAA quality graphics on the web, the OZONE is achieving high quality and performing 3D worlds on the browser.

Thanks to proprietary 3D technology for optimization, compression and deployment infrastructure, OZONE is ushering the next generation metaverse native development platform.

Think of it like the AWS for the Metaverse. With at its core, the O3 graphics engine.

The Tech stack:

OZONE ENGINE implements a proprietary process in 3D building, deployment and rendering which delivers blazing fast and high quality instant worlds and games in the browser.

Ultimately, every world on ozone is a simple native webpage but with 3D metaverse user interface ushering the future of the internet.

Cross Blockchain support. Native integration on Flow Blockchain

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