Some of the Common Questions relating to ozone project

Do I have to use blockchain, wallet, and token to get a world in OZONE METAVERSE?

No, we offer many metaverse products which do not require a web3 blockchain layer for Education, Events, and Ads you can't forget. If your use case needs blockchain or web3, we can integrate.

How is OZONE different from other engines like Unity or Unreal?

The Ozone engine was built with the web in mind. Everything is web-based, and the virtual worlds built are accessible via a simple webpage and never require a download or an update from the user side. OZONE engine delivers metaverses as a simple web page

But Unity and Unreal engines also deliver web streaming solutions via Pixel streaming.

Yes, this is known as server-side pixel streaming. It is very expensive to run and gets exponentially expansive at scale, making it unsustainable. In addition, it is not what is considered "native web", meaning the performance remains clunky and cannot support large worlds with large user counts as is required for a properly functioning metaverse

What is the limit in terms of polygons and 3D quality for OZONE?

Our engine can push any amount of polygons and quality, lights, physics, and post-processing. We offer an industry-standard configuration panel where the user can choose between graphics settings ranging from Low to Normal, high, and Ultra. Depending on the user hardware we can turn on or off high-performance graphics features to enable everyone to participate in the metaverse.

How about user capacities?

The Ozone network system can support thousands of concurrent avatars in the same space. Our proprietary algorithm configurations can enable you as a user to see more or fewer avatars around you which could be slowing down your device if your internet connection is low or your device is older.

Similarly, our geolocated audio algorithms and 3D positional Spatial audio enable hundreds and thousands of users to be connected and stream in the same space while you will only hear those closest to you.

What blockchains does ozone support?

Our native implementation and initial web3 Dapps are built on Flow Blockchain using Blocto Wallet and Dapper Wallet. We chose the Flow blockchain because the wallets are 100% web-based, onboarding is simple for users, and payments can be collected via credit card. Also, it is a carbon-neutral blockchain and we off no gas fees for our users.

Being a platform for the metaverse, we are blockchain agnostic. We have established wallet interactivity with Metamask with: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Velas, Klaytn, and Avalanche in R&D. We also interacted with Solana via Phantom Wallet.

When is the OZONE TOKEN going to be tradable:

We are going to list the $OZONE token for trading in Q1 2023.

How can I buy $OZONE Token?

Prior to listing, the only option to buy $OZONE Token is via private Allocation

Market Research and Data about the Metaverse Opportunity

Metaverse Market Opportunity and validation through Data and research:

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