White Paper

Why Ozone?

🌐A Fully managed platform for building the metaverse.

A simple and highly scalable platform to enable high quality metaverse experiences

Building blocks for the metaverse. Enabling the next generation applications​

The Web3 powered metaverse is the next generation digital frontier.
The 3D worlds will replace user interfaces, while the blockchain will enable a new class of digital assets, ownership, and ultimately a secure decentralized data layer which will enable true decentralized ownership of the next web.
So far, it has been notoriously hard and burdensome to build interactive 3D worlds or applications. OZONE provides easy to access infrastructure and tooling to enable instant virtual worlds at internet scale.
Recommended further reading: https://future.a16z.com/instant-games/
The Ozone Engine enables Instant Worlds and Games on the web